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Caring for animals, families and farmers for over 75 years

What is Vetora?

Well, we all know what "Vet" means. But what does "ora" mean? In Latin, "ora" means land. And in Te Reo, "ora" means health and well-being.

So at its core, Vetora means "vets of the land" AND the "vet of health and well-being". And we're quite happy to be known as both!

The beginnings of Vetora

In 1942, Te Awamutu Veterinary Association welcomed members onto its premises in the Waikato.

Two years later, The Vet Club opened its doors to the public in the Bay of Plenty.

These two farmer owned and operated clubs ran successfully and independently for many decades, each with its own specialised expertise in caring for animals. Along with retaining their employees for long amounts of time, the two clubs provided welcoming expert support and shared the same passion in giving back to the community.

It was all about looking after animals, families and farmers, and finding better ways to do so.

The shared values and beliefs of these two clubs led to the creation of Vetora. Combined, we can provide increased benefits to members through scale and ensure our traditional club values remain throughout the Central North Island.

As a not-for-profit farmer owned vet club, the profits we make go back into the business, and we can focus on supporting our clients needs rather than on what makes the most money.

Our unique club culture also extends to our staff -- this is a big reason why our employees stay with us much longer than most vet clinics. As a member, you have a preferred vet assigned to you who knows you and understands your business, and we endeavour to send them as first preference when you call us. This provides continuity and reassurance that you are dealing with someone who knows you and cares about your business.

And best of all, no matter which clinic you go to, you can rest assured you will be receiving the same friendly and professional treatment.

Our group of clinics are located from Taupo in the South to Hamilton in the North.